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Why not just buy a drone and do it yourself? Here's why...

You are supporting a local Acadiana aerial photography & video firm that specializes in small Unmanned Aerial Systems imagery.

Our equipment is capable of an altitude of 400ft(AGL) with stable flight through GPS locking technology to insure great wideangle 12 megapixel images and 4K UHD video(1080p upon request).

In many cases, we do not need client assistance during the flight. However, if the client would like to be present, we welcome the company.

Turnaround on imagery & video is one week or less.

Acadiana Aerials is insured per job and FAA Certified with a sUAS rating.

The FAA requires all commerical drone operators to be certified with a sUAS rating. Think of it like a drivers license, if stopped, you will need it.

FAA Certified


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FAA Certified